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Stop Gossiping! You’re Making a Vulture of Yourself

shannonveurink October 18, 2018 No Comments

We become like vultures when we gossip

Yesterday I had a phone call with a dear friend of mine. She shared a situation that was weighing heavily on her heart. I won’t skirt around the details, so bluntly put – she’d been part of a group conversation that had turned into gossip. In the aftermath of the things she’d heard, she was […]


The Meaning of Life in the Words of a Child

shannonveurink October 10, 2018 No Comments

God is with us and he will never leave us. He is for us and he is God.

God doesn’t just meet me in my hiding place; He is my hiding place. But, sometimes I forget that. Yesterday, when I felt overwhelmed with the noise of life, the growing ‘to-do’ list that quickly outpaces my efforts, the pressure of many good things that should be done – God gave me the most beautiful […]


Eulogy of a Stillborn Baby

shannonveurink October 5, 2018 6 Comments

When my daughter Cara was stillborn at 41 weeks, I felt the pressing need for her funeral service to be recorded. At the time, our other daughters were only two and three years old – still too young to fully understand what was going on. I wanted the day’s events to be captured so we […]


Cultivating Faith During Infertility

shannonveurink December 25, 2017 4 Comments

Cultivating Faith During Infertility

Confession time: sometimes I miss God’s nudges. Sometimes I sense the Holy Spirit whispering to me, prompting me to take some kind of action: listen, learn, pray about something, pray about someone, do a specific thing. Sometimes I’m sensitive enough to His voice to follow-through, but other times, in hindsight, I realize I’ve missed the […]


Like Phantom Limbs: Beyond Pain when a Baby Dies

shannonveurink November 30, 2017 1 Comment

Beyond Pain when a Baby Dies

There’s a phenomenon called ‘phantom limbs’. It refers to the sensation that a missing or amputated limb is still attached, even though the limb itself is physically gone. This experience is quite common; the majority of people who’ve had limbs amputated report this sensation. And, the most common label people use to describe it, is […]


Midnight Tears: Mission Drift in Christian Motherhood

shannonveurink November 25, 2017 2 Comments

Midnight tears of Christian Motherhood

It’s Friday morning (for another hour or so…actually wait – it’s Saturday morning now – because, yet another day didn’t go as planned. And, I am leaving this note in my final copy, because that reality is just part of what I’m trying to illustrate in this post…) of one of the most chaotic weeks […]


Patrick: A homeless man was the answer to my prayer

shannonveurink November 13, 2017 No Comments

Years ago, I began praying this prayer each day: God, let me see people the way you see them.  God answered that prayer through a homeless man named Patrick. It was June 6, 2004, and at the time I was living in Wellington, New Zealand. I was walking home from our evening church service and […]


Unblemished: The Greatest Cover Up

shannonveurink November 2, 2017 No Comments

Sorry folks, but this is gross. I cannot believe I’m going to write a post about a zit. Not just any zit, one of my very own. Despite my reluctance, here goes… I am not a big make-up person. Really, I’m not. Yet, every Sunday morning I throw some on.  And every Sunday morning, as […]


Scattered Peanuts: Grasping from God’s Hand

shannonveurink October 31, 2017 3 Comments

I am a visual person. What I see with my eyes often makes me think. Usually these thoughts translate into something I feel God is teaching me. This should be no surprise. After all, Jesus knows that many of us are visual learners. God designed us to learn this way, because images are powerful. Visual […]


To the Suffering Christian…

shannonveurink October 24, 2017 No Comments

To my Christian friends who may be asking, ‘why me’? (Or to their loved ones who are asking ‘why them?’…or to anyone who’s part of the body of Christ, for that matter)… At any time, there are followers of Jesus, who face hardship and suffer incredibly. I know that during these times, a lot of […]